Corporate Overview

we started separate different entities, each serving in an isolated field. then we discovered a hidden link between all our companies, they complete each other. apparently, all puzzle pieces can get together and provide an optimum one house cost efficient solution to our partners, we are a hungry investor, ready to open new markets and new fields. once a clear complete study of the business model is clearly on the table, the you are   welcomed on our board. Our focus in NOXHolding group’s strategy is innovation product differentiation. We formed business with culture of partnership.

Our Vision

There are no boundaries in business, we are agile as needed, hungry for growth and discovering new fields and markets. We believe in our abilities and confident of our success

Our Mission

Excellence in delivering high quality products and services with Focus on client and end user satisfaction, Building successful partnership with local and Overseas Vendors perfect machine needs different sizes and shapes of gears

Our Values

Foundation for Success

Despite our high levels of adaptability and ability to change, we have kept our values fixed and untouched. The opportunities we consistently seize and the new markets we aggressively penetrate, have only been lit through with the aid of our beliefs. The values upon which we base all operations have been the foundation that holds our head up high and strong against some of the toughest prevailing economic winds. Through them, we shall continue to follow our dreams and realize a stone-carved legacy to thrive and last

Our Evolution

Road of Success

  •  NOVEMBER - 2015

    started with the takeover of Noksmart  a well-recognized young name as Value-Added Reseller.

  • FEBRUARY - 2016

    Another opportunity rose ahead in the field of Software development, so we decided to establish Nok Technology

  • JULY - 2017

    With a strong commitment to diversify our portfolio, using our accumulated experience, we decided to take over  Mystronix, Entering the Fast-growing market of mobile accessories

  • SEPTEMBER - 2017

    Establish nok courier to focus on providing timely dependable courier services

  • OCTOBER - 2017


  • DECEMBER - 2017

    As our business expand more and more it become a necessary need to move a bigger office so we move the new office at mearig city

  • FEBRUARY - 2018

    Establish nok human capital, targeting a real change in the human resource operations

  • NOVEMBER - 2018

    Establish nok solutions providing services that will me it objectives

  • DECEMBER - 2019

    BAE join our group now we can take the advantage of the huge Events Planning market and digital market

  • JANUARY - 2020

    We have established Nok INDESIGN A truly modern media company, with its vision to take the lead in the design industry.

Our Certifications

Results of Success

Egyptian Junior Business Association

joined the Business Integrity Initiative through The Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) EJB works as a channel for SMEs & the Government to improve the Egyptian Business Environment to be more fertile for SMEs, through tackling the major obstacles that interrupt the economy


We built a very strong business module to gain Vodafone trust to become one of Vodafone trusted company to redeem Vodafone client’s points.

Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance

The company succeeded in obtaining the necessary security approval to deal with the facilities of the Egyptian Armed Forces through the application of the conditions and standards required by the Military Security Service of the Egyptian armed forces

Our Clients

Partners of Success