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    We create amazing solutins for our clients, contact us to learn how we can help.
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    Amazing solutions for our clients, contact us to learn how we can help.
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NOK Technology

With more than 10 years of experience, NokTechnology has taken its first steps in the field of software and digital solutions when it launched as a specialized division of integrated digital solutions and web design for NOX holding, mother company. In 2016 NokTechnology was registered as a company specializing in integrated software design & digital solutions. The flourishing company succeeded to attract the most efficient and experienced personnel in the field of software to be part of our manpower. Effective and committed manpower is the key of the success to any given organization. We support our customers, maintains their investments providing the best integrated solutions, promoting the quality of services we provide and efficiency of our programs and digital products.

We build businesses with culture of partnership.


We Offer World-Class Solutions for your Business

Develop Software & Digital Solution

As the fundamental function in NokTechnology we always develop our own expertise and capabilities to grant you the best and most innovative software to move along with updates in that field and specifically tailored to serve your business needs. We analyze each procedure in your organization find flaws.

Mobile Phone Applications

We are a part of a world where every single person has a mobile phone and a Smart Notebook, Therefore, we are specialized in designing and developing applications for mobile phones and laptops.

Technical support

To ensure the quality of our products and services, we provide ongoing technical support services to all our customers .

Hosting Services

We offer the latest technologies in the field of web hosting, web applications, mobile apps, and e-mail services, relying on the best technologies and tools that provide maximum stability and security of data.

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